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Spring Storms!  What’s a homeower to do?

Do you think you’ve sustained damage?  Are you not sure?
You can always call Schuur Handy to give you an assessment of your property.  We can get on your roof and take a closer look.  We are experienced at identifying damage that may not be easy for you to see.

Avoid the “Storm Chaser’s” from out of state.
After the storm is over, you’ll probably have a number of people knocking at your door offering to assist you.  Be careful, a lot of these people are “storm chasers” from companies located out of state.  You will be better off speaking to Schuur Handy or another local contractor.  A local contractor will be there to support you through the process, and after it.  Storm chasers are off to the next area and may be hard to reach if you need additional repairs.  You may also have a hard time finding them when it’s time for them to honor a warranty on their work.

If you have obvious damage (hole in your roof, broken windows, interior water damage, etc), call us right away.  We’ll be there as quickly as possible to assess the damage and provide temporary patching/repair to ensure you don’t sustain additional damage.

Nobody ever wants to experience storm damage, but if you do, we will do everything in our power to keep your stress to the minimum. 

Schuur Handy is a local, family owned, company servicing Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs.

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